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Learning Together: How Instructors Use the New Course Outline Template

Instructors may attend on either campus.

HOMEWORK: Bring course outline for a course recently taught, a copy of your program(s) outcomes if they exist and course materials.

In this day-long workshop, instructors and faculty will work in cross-disciplinary pairs on a course they have recently taught and will:

  •   Develop one or two clear, concise course outcomes;
  •   Align those new course outcomes with program outcomes;
  •   Select assessments that measure whether those course outcomes have been met;
  •   Consider teaching and learning strategies that will prepare students to be successful with the course assessments.

This workshop is sponsored by the Selkirk College Teaching and Learning Institute and is FREE to staff.

Until December 4th registration is on the recommendation of your School Chair and then on a first come, first registered basis dependent on available spots.