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Gathering of Co-Workers in Ymir

A Winter Tradition Continues


Selkirk College SROAM Instructor Ross White is once again putting on “A Gathering of Co-Workers (+Spouse)” winter party in Ymir. This annual event has become legendary and this year is your chance to get in on the fun.

When: Saturday, December 5 starting at 5 p.m.-ish

Where: Ymir Palace

Why: To get to know your co-workers in a social setting

There will be a barbeque, potluck, fire pit and good times: “See your co-workers with their hair down, letting loose in a non-work environment,” is how Ross likes to describe it.

Ross White Party

One of the great parts about this BYOB event is that Ross and his wife Belinda open up the Ymir Palace for overnight opportunities in order to allow people to responsibly enjoy a few cocktails. The Ymir Palace has accommodation for up to 20-25 guests. You can book your room by emailing Ross and it’s on a first-come first-served basis. The cost for the room is a cleaning donation. You can let Ross know if you will share a room or need a private room.

Rooms are also available at the Ymir Hotel (100 feet away) once the Palace is full. You can call 250.357.9611 to book a room there. The rooms fill up quickly, so don’t delay.

For those who stay off the roads and enjoy the evening to the fullest, there will be a breakfast supplied by the hosts!


For more information please contact Ross White.