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Forum Takes On Investment and Divestment

Mir Centre for Peace Hosts October 8 Forum


Can ethical investments make a difference? What's possible in Canada and what's happening in other countries? An upcoming forum explores investment in the new economy and divestment from fossil fuels.

The forum will feature three speakers: best-selling author and clean tech expert Tom Rand; financial expert Ken Locklin; and United Church minister Greg Powell. They will explore the practical, financial, and moral considerations of divesting from fossil fuels and investing in the clean energy economy. The forum is set for October 8 at 7 p.m. in Mary Hall on Selkirk College’s Tenth Street Campus.

“Experts have been warning with ever greater urgency that we need to rapidly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a low carbon economy,” says Laura Sacks of Citizen’s Climate Lobby, one of the event organizers. “Some of the greatest obstacles are lack of effective policy and limited access to capital for clean energy projects.”

Divestment Peace Cafe

Tom Rand  (via live webcast) will open the forum. As a follow up to his presentation in Nelson last March, he will emphasize the urgency of seriously addressing climate change with policy options than can help unleash capital necessary for transitioning to a low carbon economy.

Ken Locklin (via live webcast) is a financial expert in climate change and sustainability investments with Impax Asset Management. With results from recent studies Locklin will dispel the myth fossil fuels investments need to be included in portfolios in order to achieve best performance. He will make a case for the risks of investing in fossil fuels, particularly in terms of stranded assets, as the world gets serious about tackling climate change.

The final speaker of the evening will be Castlegar United Church minister Greg Powell, who also has expertise in issues around climate change. Powell has spent time working as an engineer for a renewable energy firm and for the Pembina Institute as a sustainability consultant and as an advocate for climate action. He willgive an overview of the global divestment movement and discuss the United Church of Canada’s recent successful announcement to sell its fossil fuel assets and reinvest the funds in renewable energy.

More Events Planned

This forum is the first in a three-part series on fossil fuel divestment/investment. The second will focus on personal investments, and the final forum will be on pension, institutional and community investments. Check the Selkirk College Mir Centre website’s Peace Café listings for dates to be announced for the next two events.

“Increasingly people are researching what we can do to transition to renewable energy,” says organizer Madelyn MacKay. “Many are exploring ways our personal, pension and government's investments can facilitate the transition to a more secure future. The global divest/invest movement has been growing rapidly. By last week, over $2.6 trillion in funds are committed to divest from fossil fuels – 50 times more than last year.”

The event is part of the Peace Café series hosted by Selkirk College’s Mir Centre for Peace. It is co-sponsored by the West Kootenay Ecosociety, the local chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and the Nelson United Church. Admission is by donation.


For more information contact Laura Sacks at 250.399.4313 or