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May 15: Reflections on Selkirks 2014 Employees

Selkirk College Employee Recognition Dinner


The annual Selkirk College Employee Recognition Dinner will be held on Thursday, May 15th at the Faculty Lounge at the Castlegar Campus. The cocktail hour (cash bar) begins at 5:00 pm followed by a buffet dinner at 6:00 pm. Reserve a Seat Before May 1st!

Dinner reservations are available at $30 for those of you interested in attending and celebrating the achievements of your friends and co-workers.

The following Selkirk team members will be honoured:

Twenty Years Service - Joyce Buckler, Trish Foy, David Fraser, Larry McHenry, Eric Moon, Caroline Soukoroff, Esther Strorvold.

Twenty-Five Years Service – Paul Landsberg, Kasandra Mackelir, Bernadette McMullin, Pam Mosby, Steven Parish, Debra Scheidel, Monica Volger, Kerry Young.

Thirty Years Service – Allen Chernenkoff.

Thirty-Five Years Service – Stefanie Zaytsoff.

Retirees – John Armstrong, Elizabeth Popoff, Bonnie Piderman, Lenka Lalonde, Philomena Archambault, Myler Wilkinson, Luba Kalmakov, Pam Mosby, Laurie Read, Dan Obradovic, Joyce Buckler, Rosemary Enefer, Anni Holtby, Brenda Nelson, Per Joensen, Bonnie Horswill, Barb Simmons, Rita Williams.

Congratulations to all of you for your amazing dedication to the college.


Contact Pam Mosby or call 250.365.1390 by no later than Friday, May 1st to reserve a seat.