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Apr. 2: Motivational Speaker

Local Strength and Conditioning Coach - Ed Natyshak


There has been a tremendously positive response to his presentation to students in past years. This seminar will be open to any faculty and students who would like to attend. Please join the second year nursing students in this captivating and inspiring presentation. 

Read more on Ed Natyshak, he speaks each year to the 2nd year nursing class.  Last year was such an exceptional year we opened up to the rest of college due to the feedback from students in previous years.

Motivational Speaker, Ed Natyshak, April 2, 2014


  • April 2, 2014

Learn more about Selkirk's Nursing Program for information please call 250.365.1484 or contact Nursing Instructor, Julia Barnscher at Ext. 21484.  Visit Student Central on Facebook.