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April 17: Raffle Draw Supports Nursing Trip to Guatemala

Get raffle tickets to support the fundraiser for students participating in the nursing practice experience to Guatemala through the USCC Cultural Interpretive Society on Wednesday, April 17th. Prizes include a locally-make quilt, Guatemalan placemat and napkin set, and necklace.

The USCC (Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ Doukhobors) Cultural Interpretive Society is holding a raffle on Wednesday, April 17th to raise funds for students participating in the nursing practice experience to Guatemala. The Doukhobor community's incredible support for our Nursing students includes making the first prize quilt. The raffle will be held April 17th. Tickets are $2 each.

Raffle Prizes

  • First prize: handcrafted Guatemalan quilt
  • Second prize: handcrafted Guatemalan placements and napkins (set of 6)
  • Third prize: handcrafted Guatemalan necklace

The Quilt Story: Together We Can

As they have for millennia, the Indigenous women of Guatemala weave their cloth on backstrap looms from which they will make clothing, head coverings, and wraps for their tortillas. Though the majority of them lead lives of hardship marked by discrimination and suffering arising from centuries of politically sanctioned social injustice, the patterns they create reveal a unique story of identity, capacity, and resistance to assimilation.

The many little pieces which make up this quilt are from these larger weavings, each representing the effort, skill, hope, and vision of its maker. As a whole, the quilt also reflects these same qualities in the women who stitched it together. They offer this beautifully handcrafted quilt as a symbol of peace, a concrete example of toiling or working together to forge ties of friendship and solidarity.

The threads, singularly insignificant and vulnerable to breaking, gain strength and value when woven together just as we do when working for the common good. When asked why she offered to make a quilt using cloth woven by the Indigenous women for the Selkirk College nursing students, Verna Chernoff responded how “volunteering is common sense .... supporting the students is one way of showing them how much we appreciate what they do, how important they are to us, that we believe what they’re doing is wonderful.”

May this quilt provide your spirit and body with comfort. May it inspire you to name and share your gifts for the betterment of your community. And may it evoke within you a vision of hope and a willingness to act for peace, a peace of justice where there is a place for everyone at the table of life.


Buy your tickets at switchboard Castlegar Campus and by contacting Mary Ann Morris