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KSA Student Shares Her Passion For Natural Fibre

When an artist begins work on a new piece, often they are trying to convey a message.

For second year fibre student at the Kootenay School of the Arts, Teyana Neufeld, the message she tried to share was around natural fibres and the impact that synthetics can have on the environment.

“It’s funny because as an artist, and especially since attending the school, I’ve become very conscious of the materials that I use because they really encourage natural fibers and dyes, which I love,” she said.

Combining a class assignment and her passion for natural materials, Neufeld created a plastic dress made of garbage bags and green bags from BC Wine Guys.

“It just kind of blew my mind about how many of my clothes are synthetic and how disgusting that is as a person wearing plastic and what’s going to happen to them after they leave my life. There are only so many things that can happen with recycling before it’s garbage,” she said. “It’s easy to imagine how people don’t think about what they’re wearing, so I thought a plastic dress is a really fun and creative way to communicate that idea.”

Neufeld debuted her masterpiece at Sk8 Fest last month.  She moved to Nelson from Manitoba to attend KSA.

“It’s just flung opened the doors of the world of fibre art,” said Neufeld about her experience at KSA. “I know how to print, felt and weave and I’ve really fallen in love with weaving. Things that I didn’t have access to at home. It’s been hugely illuminating.” Nelson Star published: March 08, 2012.


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