Celebrating 50 Years

Branding Toolbox

A celebration of golden proportions deserves an identity.

Please use the following resources throughout the year. 50th branded documents and correspondance help spread the message in a cohesive way.

Document Resources

Email Signature

If you don't know how to create or update your email signature download SC50 Email Signature Instructions (.pdf format).

If you know how to edit your signature and would simply like to change the logo in your current email signature you can copy the 50th Email Signature Logo (.gif format). ‌

Business Card Information 

Custom 50th branded business cards will be available for order in quantities of 100 or 200 cards per person. The initial order for these cards was completed in Feb, 2016. Based on interest, we will be doing another print run in August 2016. The cost of the cards will be charged to your department/school. If you would like to order 50th branded cards please contact Marian Lowe and provide all relevant card information along with an account code.

The 50 Years Logo

One of the projects undertaken by the college is a special logo and tagline to help mark the occasion. Designed by the Selkirk College Marketing Department, the new logo was unveiled in early January and will be used throughout the 16 month celebration as the college focusses on its past, present and future.‌

“A unique identity allows us to mark and celebrate the significance of this 50 year cycle. It will carry through all our day-to-day work and events,” says Selkirk College Graphics and Creative Coordinator Marian Lowe. “The 50th year identity features geometric pattern and triangular shapes inspired by our mountain region with the number 50 featured prominently for obvious reasons. The Selkirk College words are the same as the classic college logo, just without the crest in the middle. The triangular shapes at the top of the logo speak to building our future and the warm grey mountains at the base of the logo reflect what has passed as well as the colleges foundations. A lighter weight of our college font will be used in headlines and other collateral to give a light and celebratory feel”

Also part of the new logo is the tagline: Journeys taken. Futures waiting.

“There are so many lives that have been changed because of the post-secondary opportunities that Selkirk College provides… that’s the ‘journeys taken’ part,” says Selkirk College Communications Coordinator Bob Hall. “The ‘futures waiting’ is about what lies ahead for people who consider Selkirk College as a jumping off point for their education and training.”

The visual identity will be used throughout the golden anniversary celebrations. It will be incorporated into clothing and other memorabilia that will be available starting in the Spring. For more information on the Selkirk College 50th identity please contact Maggie Keczan.