A Moving & A Shaking


Changes in the Payroll Department

New Positions and New Opportunties


The Payroll Department has been busy this summer with several changes in several positions.

Janine Hendry has accepted the position for the Financial Aid Officer replacing Joleen Kinakin who has taken on the position of Donor/Alumni Relations Coordinator which was previously held by the now retired Joyce Buckler.

Paula Quist, still a Payroll Clerk, will be covering the payroll for SCFA, BCGEU and Exempt employees (extension 21241).

Coralee Bryden has accepted the vacated Payroll Clerk position and will be covering the payroll for all time sheets which includes all PPWC employees and employees on a temporary employment contract (TEC) (extension 21330).


Any questions about the Payroll Department can be directed to Barb Ihlen.