A Moving & A Shaking


Kathleen Ayre Moves to New Position

Helping Prepare for the Launch of Project Aurora


Please welcome Kathleen Ayre to her new role as Systems and Scheduling Manager.

Kathleen comes to this position with 11 years of experience in higher education including managing administrative and IT staff. Her leadership style relies on building strong relationships, proactive communication and employee development.

Kathleen Ayre

Kathleen originally started with Selkirk College in June 2016 and she worked in a number of positions building a foundation for her new position. Most recently Kathleen has worked with many of you on the Business Process Documentation Initiative as part of project Aurora where she has mapped over 200 College processes.

The three main functions of Kathleen’s new role include sustaining our current SRS student records system, working on the new initiative that will look at updating our exam and course scheduling processes and leading the implementation of the new student system as part of project Aurora.


For more information or to connect with Kathleen, reach her by email.