A Moving & A Shaking


Tracy Punchard New Chair of UAS

Preparing for the 2016-2017 Academic Year


With David Feldman recently announced as the new Dean responsible for the schools of Academic Upgrading & Development and University Arts & Sciences, the process to fill his former role began. This week it was announced that Instructor Tracy Punchard would assume the duties of Chair for the School of University Arts & Sciences.

Below is Feldman’s announcement:

Tracy Punchard UAS

Hi everyone.

Rhonda and I are pleased to announce that Tracy Punchard has agreed to serve as the new School Chair for University Arts & Sciences.

Tracy has been serving the students, staff and community of Selkirk College for more than 16 years. During these years, Tracy has taught writing and literature to students in multiple programs and at multiple campuses. She has represented the faculty in a variety of committees and councils including EdCo. She has been a leader in the faculty association for over 10 years and in all her college roles she has gained a reputation for being a good communicator, a problem solver and for having healthy doses of both wisdom and wit.

Tracy's community service is also worthy of note. She spent five years as the voluntary President of the Whitewater Ski Team and was a part of bringing that organization to a leading role in our region.

Tracy will take on her new role with the school in August. Please join me in warmly welcoming Tracy as Chair of the School of University Arts and Sciences.

David Feldman, Dean