A Moving & A Shaking


Donna Drover Moves to College Services Office

Executive Assistant Hired for Vice President of College Services


Donna Drover has been hired to take on the task of Executive Assistant for Vice President of College Services Gary Leier. Below is Leier's annoucement.

Good Morning.

I'm very pleased to announce the appointment of Donna Drover as the new Executive Assistant to the Vice President College Services. Donna has held various positions at Selkirk College and is currently working in the Finance Department.

Donna brings experience with project management that could not be more timely given the focus of the office at this time. I'm confident that Donna will bring composure, competence, innovation, and professionalism to her new role with the college, and I'm looking forward to working with her.

Donna will be starting on June 13th and we will be working with the Finance Department to ensure minimal disruption as Donna’s current position is filled.

Many thanks to the selection committee and congratulations to Donna!

Gary Leier

Vice President of College Services/CFO