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Jason Taylor Continues as School of the Arts Chair

Veteran Educator Making at Difference in Nelson


Earlier this month Selkirk College Dean of Instructon for Nelson Kate Pelletier announced that Jason Taylor will remain in his position as School Chair in the School of the Arts.

This is Pelletier's official announcment:

I am pleased to announce that Jason Taylor is the successful candidate for the School Chair position in the School of the Arts. Jason will continue in the role that he has held for the last 12 years where he has brought tremendous enthusiasm, creativity and leadership. 

Jason started at the College 16 years ago when as an instructor and coordinator worked on the design and implementation of the then new Multimedia Production and Design Program (now known as the Digital Arts and New Media or DANM program). During his time at the College Jason has stayed on the leading edge of technology and often refers to himself as a "geek."

Most recently Jason has been working within the School of the Arts to bring technology to the Craft Arts programs through cross teaching from the DANM program. Jason is also a big proponent of the Maker Movement and has a wonderful lab on the Tenth Street Campus that houses a couple of 3D printers among other "toys." 

Please join me in congratulating Jason. 


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