A Moving & A Shaking


Andrea Hall Returning to Manager of Finance Post
Manager of Finance Andrea Hall will be returning from her maternity leave on February 2 after a year away. Justine Jarrett--who has been filling in for Hall--will be staying on with the College until the end of March to assist with special projects for the Finance Department.—January 27, 2015
Gary Leier Assumes New VP Post
Gary Leier was named Selkirk College Vice President of College Services/CFO in November and has been settling into his new role over the last two months. Leier arrived to Selkirk College in October, 2009 to assume the role of Director of Human Resources.—January 13, 2015
A Party in the Park for Randall Cannon
Randall Cannon is wrapping up her final days at Selkirk College after a career that touched so many lives and now it's time to help her celebrate this important milestone.—June 8, 2015
Marketing Department Adds New Recruitment Specialist
The Marketing Department is pleased to welcome Aimie Chernoff to her new position as Educational Recruitment Specialist. Covering for Amy Byers—who will be on maternity leave between April 2015 and May 2016—Chernoff is key member of the team that gets students aware, interested and eventually attending Selkirk College.—March 2, 2015
Jason Taylor Continues as School of the Arts Chair
Earlier this month Selkirk College Dean of Instructon for Nelson Kate Pelletier announced that Jason Taylor will remain in his position as School Chair in the School of the Arts.—April 14, 2015
Glynn Woodburn New SAS Department Head
Glynn Woodburn has been named the new department head for the Selkirk College Student Access & Support. A Selkirk College employee for the last 12 years, Woodburn has been a registered nurse for 35 years and brings a Master of Arts in Counseling. She comes into her new position after 12 years as a Disability Support Coordinator.—April 13, 2015
Instructor Robert Macrae to Teach in Germany
Integrated Environmental Planning Technology instructor Robert Macrae will be spending the 2016-2017 school year overseas. The veteran Selkirk College instructor was selected as the recipient of this year’s SCFA professional development assisted leave. He will be teaching at Brandenburg Technical University in Cottbus, Germany.—November 13, 2015