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Building Inclusion

“Inclusion of Aboriginal community is key to ensuring active participation and ownership in effecting the required change. In order to create systemic change, public post-secondary institutions and Aboriginal communities will need to work in partnership, in relationships based on mutual respect, to identify opportunities and to ensure that First Nations, Métis and Inuit knowledge systems, language and culture are respected in research and curriculum change processes.” ~Aboriginal Post Secondary Education and Training Policy Framework and Action Plan: 2020 Vision for the Future, BC Ministry of Advanced Education, p. 18

The number of students who self-identify as indigenous has slightly increased each year since 2010. The Ministry of Advanced Education through its Policy Framework and Action Plan has set out some ambitious goals for BC post-secondary institutions including systemic change, reduced financial barriers and continuous improvement based on research and data-tracking.

A timeline: Partnerships as a basis for Indigenization

Best Practices & Resources for Indigenization

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